Last 30 Daily Create

April 25

IMG_0859Today I am thankful for the bible study that I am apart of at college. I just finished reading the book of John and I was really excited to figure out what to read next. I will be reading the book of Genesis!

April 26

IMG_0866Today I am thankful for my friends who do homework with me early in the mornings. I am going to miss them as we all venture out on our new journeys.

April 27

IMG_0904Today I am thankful for this girl! She has been such a great friend this semester to me. Always positive and encouraging me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

April 28

IMG_0869Today I am thankful to have a beautiful senerary to wake up to each morning. I am not a fan snow because it is so cold but it sure does create a beautiful senerary.

April 29

IMG_0898Today I am thankful that my horse Missy had her colt. We have not named the colt but I was so thankful that Missy had a healthy baby and she is doing great! I cannot wait to get home and meet the colt!

April 30

IMG_0892This semester I was in Block. This was my class that I was able to learn with all semester. We had great days and we had poor days, I would not trade this class for anything. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn with these classmates. I cannot wait to hear how their student teaching went.


This was the last 30 daily create for me. I absolutely enjoyed finding something to be thankful for each day. By doing this project I was more positive and found myself being more thankful.


Innovative & Unlearn


“I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask, “What is best for learners”. I would just like to start out with this quote from Couros. I would like to think that I am and will continue to be an innovative educator. I also ask myself when creating lesson plans or listening to other teachers personal experiences/ concerns, “what is best for learners?” I think every teacher should ask himself or herself that question. If they don’t have an answer then they should be asking the other teachers what their thoughts are.

This semester I thought I was an innovative learner in the way that I would think about things we were learning and wonder how I would use these different things that were taught in my classroom. I was not familiar with everything that technology had to offer. Taking this class I would sometimes feel way out of my comfort zone but I would always do what was asked and sometimes take it a step further in the way that I wondered when could I reuse the information that is given to me for the future. If I didn’t know I would ask my peers the question and they would sometimes answer me. Sometimes I would do further research or spend extra time thinking and then I would come across my answer. This thought process is similar to that of an innovative learner.

To me innovative learning looks to be similar to what I just stated above. Innovative learning is when the student is learning information and wants to learn more so the do further research. Innovative learning is when students take different perspectives and learn from them. Innovative learners don’t say this is how I have always done it and I will continue to do it this way. No! The learner will go out of their comfort zone and take risks in learning new things.

I really liked this from Will’s blog “We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well.” I agree with this statement. For some teacher, they find themselves thinking they know more than the student and they are the leader and the students need to look up to them. I sometimes find myself thinking that I am more knowledgeable than the kids I take care off. However, when I sit back and reflect on my day with the kids I find myself being wrong. The kids know a lot and I can always learn from them. As a future teacher I know that I will be able to learn from my students and they will be able to learn from me.

There are a lot of things that I need to unlearn; as I am sure there are others who feel the same way!

3rd week of 30 Daily Challenge

April 18

IMG_0832I spent the whole day inside doing homework and I was pretty overwhelmed on how I was going to get all my weekly assignments done and start on my finals. Headed home that night I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the moon was. This picture is not good quality. I wish everyone could have seen it! Seeing such a pretty view on the way home made me relax and remember that everything will be okay.

April 19

IMG_0856Excuse the silly face but I am so thankful that this dog is always so excited and goes spastic when I walk through the door. Having my dog with me always makes me happy. The downfall to him loving me so much is that he hates when I am on the computer. He thinks he is a lap dog so anytime that I am sitting he will always try and sit on me and lick my face. I have never loved a dog as much as I love this guy!

April 20

IMG_0847I know that dandilions are weeds and people don’t care for them but I just couldn’t help myself from taking a picture. The way they were all together just looked so pretty. Today I am thankful for weeds that are so pretty that some mistake them for flowers and taking me on memory lane! Seeing these dandilions took me on memory lane to when my brothers and I would write messages on the sidewalk or on eachothers arms rubbing the dandilions.

April 21

IMG_0846 Ahh!! Date night!  I love when Patrick comes to Chadron and takes me on a date! He always knows how to help me see that breaks are okay and homework isn’t life. I am so thankful for the fun date night! Not to be mushy but in 1 month he will be my husband!!

April 22

IMG_0848Oh the joys of being a farmers fiance. I was so thankful that him and his coworkers were able to put in a full day of farming and it was a productive one too. Picking Pat up from the field seeing a smile on his face I knew he had lots to tell me about the great day of farming. So thankful that he had a good day!

April 23

IMG_0852 I have been trying to learn how to braid on my own hair. I can braid others hair and even french braid but when it comes to doing my own hair I just can’t. So here is something that will shock you…. Patrick braided my hair. I was amazed at how well he did. So thankful that he is able to help me accomplish my small goals for the day.

April 24

IMG_0408 I was going through my pictures today and I came across this picture. I am so thankful to have this girl as my friend! She makes life interesting and is always there to make life a little silly. This picture explains our friendship so well!




Metaphor Story

When first being assigned this project I was honestly, a little worried that I would not do the project correctly.I have made a digital story but, it was 4 years ago and if you know me I sometimes do not know what I had for lunch 5 hours after having lunch…okay I’m not that bad but you get what I’m saying… I do not remember how to make a digital story.  I was worried of posting the project online and having people make fun of me or getting an email from my professor saying, “please retry this assignment.” With that fear I took my idea to my professor and ran it by her. My professor said, “wow this is great”! When she said that she liked my project I left her office feeling a lot better about how my project turned out.

This assignment was very interesting! I made many stories but I did not like them enough to share with the public. After much thinking I finally picked one and went with it. I chose to write my story about a teacher who thought of her class and classroom as baking a cake. It sounded a little different but while I created it I actually had fun. Being able to take a break from typing and writing to color pictures for my visuals in the story was very relaxing. If we are being honest I even had fun searching for music to play in the background as I read the story. I found this whole project relaxing, which was nice!

When I become a teacher I will be finding ways to use digital story telling in my classroom. I feel as if this project is something that should be used in the classroom of upper elementary students and on up. When students are reading a book or researching a topic that is assigned to them, instead of having to write a paper they can create a digital story to present to the class and it could be like having a movie party in class. I feel like students would find more interest in creating a digital story rather than writing a paper. I think since students are all about digital technology this would help them find learning to be fun and would have them engaged. Students could created stories as an individual or as in groups. Depending on the project would depend on whether I would assign partners or not.





ILP Thoughts


As I wrap up my learning for the Independent Learning Project I have done a lot of reflecting on myself as a learner. I must say I did well but I know I have lots of room for improvement on becoming a better student. The Independent Learning Project has taught me more about myself than I thought I would learn. I learned that I am the type of learner that unless I have an instructor in front of me I tend to put things off until last minute. I really enjoyed my topic but there were some weeks where I found myself looking for motivation to even continue my learning in the different language. Also when I would become discouraged in the learning of the language  I would want to give up.

The motivation to work on this project was sometimes tough to find because as I said earlier I hit rough patches that caused me to become discouraged. Overall, I did well in keeping my motivation because I am excited to use the language that I have learned with my future students. And last week being able to use the Lakota language gave me a reassurance that I am doing something beneficial for my future.

Through out the ILP I was faced with a couple challenges but the biggest challenge of all was time. As many others life gets busy and finding time to fit everything in, is often challenging. This semester was by far my toughest semester and I struggled prioritizing my time between school, homework, friends, and wedding planning. Being the student I am school and homework came first and the others have been on the back burner. Since my friends knew how much homework I had they would sometimes join me doing homework just so that we were able to hangout. I am truly grateful for them!

For majority of my time I really enjoyed learning the Lakota language and thinking of ways to use it in my future. Last week when I went on the field trip and observed in my student teaching school I was excited to see that the Lakota language is being used. I was informed that when I do my student teaching I am required to teach the students Lakota language and incorporate the language into our everyday school day. This has me super stoked to know that this Independent Learning Project is going to pay off!

If I get a higher elementary grade when I am teaching I will use ILP because I am excited to see what the students would like to learn and have them keep me updated about the learning that they are doing! I think it would be enjoying for both the students and myself!

Thank you Dr. Ellington for assigning this ILP!!

2nd week of 30 Day Challenge

Here’s to another week of thankfulness!

April 11

IMG_0764 After working on homework for many hours my friend brought her niece in because she knew I needed a break from school work. I must say I am thankful that my friend knew bringing a baby would brighten my day and take away my baby fever.

April 12

IMG_0807Today I was finding myself a little homesick. I tend to get this way when I have a bad day or start becoming very stressed. When I got home I went to the mailbox and there was a letter from my mom! I am so thankful that even though my mom is hours away she still knows how to make my day!

April 13

IMG_0771 Today my class and I went on a field trip and one of the stops we took was the red cloud. At this destination there was a map where people could put pins where they came from. But look what the title above the poster says!! English and then Lakota!!! I was so thankful that my learning of this language is going to be used outside of this class.

April 14

IMG_0785Today I went to the school where I will be student teaching this fall and on the wall this sign was posted. Seeing these sayings makes it exciting for me to be able to use the Lakota Language with the students. My favorite thing when visiting the school is the first grade class said good morning to me in the Lakota language and I was able to say it back to them!! 🙂 The teacher’s eyes lit up when I said it back. I think it was because I knew what they said and I was able to say it back.

April 15

IMG_0790 Ahhh what a day! It was crazy! I had such a busy day that I was super exhausted when I got home. I was so thankful to come home to my baby kitten named Marley. This little guy is special because out of his four siblings he was the only one who survived. And his mom is very protective so being able to get this picture was a miracle. However, I am thankful that this kitten survived and the mom is very protective.

April 16

IMG_0805This was a great way to end the evening. My friends and I went to the Grand March to watch their siblings and their prom dates. There were so many pretty dresses! After the Grand March my friends and I went to the bowling alley and we bowled for two hours! Even thought the score show that I am a terrible bowler I had so much fun being able to enjoy time with friends! I am so thankful that I am able to take breaks to enjoy time with friends!

April 17

IMG_0757Today I am thankful that my future in-laws and my fiance like to play board games on snow days. Even though my fiance doesn’t look thrilled he actually had fun playing. I am so thankful for my future family that I can spend time with.



After reading the two articles this week about Piktograph and Canva and Comic book/strip I found myself wondering how I could use these sites in my classroom. The more I think about it I feel as if I would be using these in the upper grades such as 6th grade and on up. I could have students make posters about an event coming up, or a comic strip about a book they are reading or what took place during break. The opportunities to use these different tools are endless.

I am currently taking a SPED class here at CSC and each week we have to turn our homework in a presentation form and I feel like when I  become better at accessing Piktograph I can use that site to turn in my homework.

Do I think there is value in presenting information in these visual/graphic styles? Yes. I do! This is a great way to integrate the technology so that the student becomes excited about their learning project.

The thing that I found challenging about this weeks assignment is taking the time to figure out how each site works and what I have to do in order to create what I want. I also ran into the problem that Piktograph was NOT free and I don’t like to have to pay to make a presentation so I was bummed about that. However, the did a 30 day free trial so I could use it for those couple of days and then delete my account.

The website that I used this week was bitmoji. I downloaded the app to my phone and then created my account.When I had created my account it asked me to create an Avatar person. Normally when accounts have you do this the character is plain and simple. This app had me choose my gender, the size of my avatar, the face shape, the skin color, the way the eyes were shaped, the eye color, the length and style of hair, and much more. I really enjoyed creating my avatar. After I created my avatar person I then went into my phone and added bitmoji to my keyboard and it downloaded my avatar and sayings with it. I found these two to be fun. There are TONS of options of bitmojis to choose from and I wanted to share all of them with you but I thought I would just narrow it to two.

30 Daily Challenge

During the month of November people tend to do the daily I am thankful for on  Facebook posts. That is great but why not do that in other months? With todays’ news that is being reported and all the negativity and fighting that is going on in the world and life around me I sometimes find myself getting down and wishing that something positive could happen in life. Soooo with all this said I have decided that for my 30 Daily Challenge I will be finding things that I am thankful for each week and once a day I will take a picture of something/someone that I am thankful for.

April 1

IMG_0711My fiance just so happens to be an April fools birthday.  I was thankful to be able to throw him a birthday and celebrate another year of life with him and his family!

April 2

IMG_0723 This is my brother Austin and his prom date. I was so thankful to be able to make the 5hr. drive home to see these two all dressed up.

April 3

IMG_0714I am thankful for Orschlens and their chick days! These are my favorite times to go in and be able to hold the little chicks and take selfies with them. And for the record my fiance said I can have chickens when we get a chicken house built! Next year I hope to have one built!

April 4

IMG_0740Please excuse the clothing attire. But I was thankful that my dad let me go out and check cows/calves with him and he allowed me to take a selfie with the cutest calf! (this was a big deal because my dad thinks selfies are weird)

April 5

IMG_0699Long story short on this day I had to go to the oral surgeon because my wisdom teeth surgery wasn’t healing correctly. The wait to see the surgeon was long so I was thankful for Pinterest in helping me with ideas on how I would like my arbors to look at my wedding. I sure am thankful for Pinterest helping me when I need some creativity in my life.

April 6

IMG_0705 This picture doesn’t do the actual scenerary justice. I am so thankful for the beauty God has created in the clouds and the land. So thankful that spring time is here and that rain storms are going to be here instead of snow.

April 7

IMG_0756On this day I was thankful to be apart of a school that provides me with the education that I need to become the teacher my future students need me to be. I am thankful that this college provides me with teachers who truly care about my education and are willing to meet with me to talk about concerns or questions I may have.

April 8

IMG_0745 After a long week. I was thankful to be able to go for a nice relaxing walk to clear my mind. I was also thankful that I was able to be out in the open enjoying the beautiful South Dakota sunset. (Not as amazing as NE, but it’s still nice)

April 9

IMG_0743Saturday morning I was initiated into this group and it was an honor because not many are asked and you have to have a certain GPA. I was thankful to be chosen because I have never been apart of something like this.

April 10

IMG_0755 Today I woke up to a picture message on my phone. Last night my youngest brother had prom and I was unable to make it back home for his prom. However, I am thankful that my mom took a picture of him and his date and sent it to me. I may be biased but I think they look great!

Week 1 is down and after finding a positive about each day I found myself becoming more and more positive. I can’t wait for more positive/thankful encounters I will have each week.

Digital Storytelling…This should be fun!


Podcasts and digital storytelling have been around for quite awhile. I have never been excited about podcasts just because it’s a recording of someone talking the whole time. I tend to get bored when listening to talk shows and start multitasking. By the time the podcast is over I have been so busy doing other things I have forgotten what the podcast was about. Digital Storytelling is exciting for me to listen to. I think the reason for this is because there are pictures that I can see while the storytelling is taking place. My senior year of high school my government teacher had our class do a digital storytelling project. My class who was very hard to be educationally entertained was finally excited about the assignment. After all the groups had completed their digital storytelling the teacher let us pretend they were movies and bring snacks to class.

When listening to the podcasts this week I went in with an open mind and told myself that podcasts would be great. Five minutes if that into the podcasts I found myself making lists in my head of what all needed done this week and weekend and trying to plan on how to get everything done by the due dates. As the podcasts played I was in and out on listening. When reading the articles it said that students enjoyed the podcasts, if that’s the case I will take a vote in my classroom to find out the opinions of the other students.

When listening to the digital stories I listened to the ones about personal reflections and I couldn’t stop with the 3 that we were to choose I continued to listen because I was fascinated with peoples stories and the pictures they had go along with their stories. (If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a visual learner)

After reading about podcasts and digital storytelling being used in the classrooms I find myself wanting to test this out in my future classroom. I feel like if students were motivated and encouraged to learn when the teacher was using pod casts and digital story telling in the classroom, I should be interested in trying to implement it in my classroom. I think that these two tools will be encouraging to students in their learning. It will give them a technology experience that they can use later on in the future!

How much of your life is Online?!

Session 1

  1. Date: 3/22/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: I was in a classroom all to myself for 3 hours and then a couple peers showed up to do homework too. I am using my laptop and my phone is next to the laptop.
    3. Duration of session: 12:30-4
    4. What occurred: people walked by the room and music was playing
    5. What you did: homework, created mailing labels, looked up wedding hair and flowers
    6. How you felt: frustrated, excited, tired
    7. What worked: When I play music and I am by myself I can focus and get lots accomplished
    8. What did not work: When my peers came in to do homework because we talk too much
    9. Other comments: I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on homework and wedding planning.


Session 2

  1. Date3/22/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: I was in a classroom all to myself for 3 hours and then a couple peers showed up to do homework too. I am using my laptop and my phone is next to the laptop.
    3. Duration of session: 6-8
    4. What occurred: an empty classroom with a peer and myself playing music
    5. What you did: I worked on more homework
    6. How you felt: Brain dead
    7. What worked: playing music
    8. What did not work: everything worked
    9. Other comments.


Session 3

  1. Date: 3/23/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: In my bedroom
    3. Duration of session: 3-4
    4. What occurred: music in the background and the vibration of my phone informing me of emails and texts
    5. What you did: I made address labels.
    6. How you felt: I wish labels didn’t take so long.
    7. What worked: Knowing that the faster I work the sooner I’d be done
    8. What did not work: laying on my bed
    9. Other comments.


Session 4

  1. Date: 3/24/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: Empty classroom with my laptop and cell phone.
    3. Duration of session: 2-5
    4. What occurred: my friends and I sitting in an empty classroom
    5. What you did: I did homework
    6. How you felt: It’s almost Friday! Finish hard you can do this!
    7. What worked: occasional breaks (5min) and playing music
    8. What did not work
    9. Other comments.

Session 5

  1. Date: 3/25/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: Empty classroom with my laptop and cell phone.
    3. Duration of session: 10:30-12
  2. What occurred: People come in and out of the room.
    5. What you did: homework
    6. How you felt: Can the hours hurry up?! I am ready for the weekend (getting the house ready to move into)
    7. What worked: Knowing I had deadlines to meet.
    8. What did not work: My excitement to have a 3day weekend.
    9. Other comments.


After looking through my journal entries on how much time I spend on my laptop and how long I am on the Internet I just feel like I am chained down all week. I think part of the reason I get so excited about the weekend is because I work so hard through out the week trying to get all my homework done so that on the weekends I can focus on getting the house ready that my fiancé and I will be living in when we are married and planning wedding stuff. Also on the weekends since I don’t have wifi where I stay its nice to just focus on life and live it. Note to anyone who wants to have a life do NOT take 21 credits, plan a wedding, and try to get a house ready before the wedding. I am glad that I am taking classes that I enjoy because it makes it easier to spend time on them. Since I am always on the computer doing homework I feel like I am missing out on the fun that some of my peers are participating on. I feel like I do my best work when I am alone in the classroom and my fiancé isn’t texting me because I have no distractions. Playing upbeat music helps me to stay focused on getting my homework done.