Last 30 Daily Create

April 25

IMG_0859Today I am thankful for the bible study that I am apart of at college. I just finished reading the book of John and I was really excited to figure out what to read next. I will be reading the book of Genesis!

April 26

IMG_0866Today I am thankful for my friends who do homework with me early in the mornings. I am going to miss them as we all venture out on our new journeys.

April 27

IMG_0904Today I am thankful for this girl! She has been such a great friend this semester to me. Always positive and encouraging me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

April 28

IMG_0869Today I am thankful to have a beautiful senerary to wake up to each morning. I am not a fan snow because it is so cold but it sure does create a beautiful senerary.

April 29

IMG_0898Today I am thankful that my horse Missy had her colt. We have not named the colt but I was so thankful that Missy had a healthy baby and she is doing great! I cannot wait to get home and meet the colt!

April 30

IMG_0892This semester I was in Block. This was my class that I was able to learn with all semester. We had great days and we had poor days, I would not trade this class for anything. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn with these classmates. I cannot wait to hear how their student teaching went.


This was the last 30 daily create for me. I absolutely enjoyed finding something to be thankful for each day. By doing this project I was more positive and found myself being more thankful.


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