3rd week of 30 Daily Challenge

April 18

IMG_0832I spent the whole day inside doing homework and I was pretty overwhelmed on how I was going to get all my weekly assignments done and start on my finals. Headed home that night I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the moon was. This picture is not good quality. I wish everyone could have seen it! Seeing such a pretty view on the way home made me relax and remember that everything will be okay.

April 19

IMG_0856Excuse the silly face but I am so thankful that this dog is always so excited and goes spastic when I walk through the door. Having my dog with me always makes me happy. The downfall to him loving me so much is that he hates when I am on the computer. He thinks he is a lap dog so anytime that I am sitting he will always try and sit on me and lick my face. I have never loved a dog as much as I love this guy!

April 20

IMG_0847I know that dandilions are weeds and people don’t care for them but I just couldn’t help myself from taking a picture. The way they were all together just looked so pretty. Today I am thankful for weeds that are so pretty that some mistake them for flowers and taking me on memory lane! Seeing these dandilions took me on memory lane to when my brothers and I would write messages on the sidewalk or on eachothers arms rubbing the dandilions.

April 21

IMG_0846 Ahh!! Date night!  I love when Patrick comes to Chadron and takes me on a date! He always knows how to help me see that breaks are okay and homework isn’t life. I am so thankful for the fun date night! Not to be mushy but in 1 month he will be my husband!!

April 22

IMG_0848Oh the joys of being a farmers fiance. I was so thankful that him and his coworkers were able to put in a full day of farming and it was a productive one too. Picking Pat up from the field seeing a smile on his face I knew he had lots to tell me about the great day of farming. So thankful that he had a good day!

April 23

IMG_0852 I have been trying to learn how to braid on my own hair. I can braid others hair and even french braid but when it comes to doing my own hair I just can’t. So here is something that will shock you…. Patrick braided my hair. I was amazed at how well he did. So thankful that he is able to help me accomplish my small goals for the day.

April 24

IMG_0408 I was going through my pictures today and I came across this picture. I am so thankful to have this girl as my friend! She makes life interesting and is always there to make life a little silly. This picture explains our friendship so well!





One comment

  1. ataft4482 · April 25, 2016

    I like how you explained each of you pictures. I used the daily create each day and picked something off of there so my submissions are all over the place on variety. I was surprised at how easy it was to almost forget to do this very easy assignment. There were several days that I did my create 5 minutes to midnight because I had forgotten to earlier in the day.


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