Metaphor Story

When first being assigned this project I was honestly, a little worried that I would not do the project correctly.I have made a digital story but, it was 4 years ago and if you know me I sometimes do not know what I had for lunch 5 hours after having lunch…okay I’m not that bad but you get what I’m saying… I do not remember how to make a digital story.  I was worried of posting the project online and having people make fun of me or getting an email from my professor saying, “please retry this assignment.” With that fear I took my idea to my professor and ran it by her. My professor said, “wow this is great”! When she said that she liked my project I left her office feeling a lot better about how my project turned out.

This assignment was very interesting! I made many stories but I did not like them enough to share with the public. After much thinking I finally picked one and went with it. I chose to write my story about a teacher who thought of her class and classroom as baking a cake. It sounded a little different but while I created it I actually had fun. Being able to take a break from typing and writing to color pictures for my visuals in the story was very relaxing. If we are being honest I even had fun searching for music to play in the background as I read the story. I found this whole project relaxing, which was nice!

When I become a teacher I will be finding ways to use digital story telling in my classroom. I feel as if this project is something that should be used in the classroom of upper elementary students and on up. When students are reading a book or researching a topic that is assigned to them, instead of having to write a paper they can create a digital story to present to the class and it could be like having a movie party in class. I feel like students would find more interest in creating a digital story rather than writing a paper. I think since students are all about digital technology this would help them find learning to be fun and would have them engaged. Students could created stories as an individual or as in groups. Depending on the project would depend on whether I would assign partners or not.






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