ILP Thoughts


As I wrap up my learning for the Independent Learning Project I have done a lot of reflecting on myself as a learner. I must say I did well but I know I have lots of room for improvement on becoming a better student. The Independent Learning Project has taught me more about myself than I thought I would learn. I learned that I am the type of learner that unless I have an instructor in front of me I tend to put things off until last minute. I really enjoyed my topic but there were some weeks where I found myself looking for motivation to even continue my learning in the different language. Also when I would become discouraged in the learning of the languageĀ  I would want to give up.

The motivation to work on this project was sometimes tough to find because as I said earlier I hit rough patches that caused me to become discouraged. Overall, I did well in keeping my motivation because I am excited to use the language that I have learned with my future students. And last week being able to use the Lakota language gave me a reassurance that I am doing something beneficial for my future.

Through out the ILP I was faced with a couple challenges but the biggest challenge of all was time. As many others life gets busy and finding time to fit everything in, is often challenging. This semester was by far my toughest semester and I struggled prioritizing my time between school, homework, friends, and wedding planning. Being the student I am school and homework came first and the others have been on the back burner. Since my friends knew how much homework I had they would sometimes join me doing homework just so that we were able to hangout. I am truly grateful for them!

For majority of my time I really enjoyed learning the Lakota language and thinking of ways to use it in my future. Last week when I went on the field trip and observed in my student teaching school I was excited to see that the Lakota language is being used. I was informed that when I do my student teaching I am required to teach the students Lakota language and incorporate the language into our everyday school day. This has me super stoked to know that this Independent Learning Project is going to pay off!

If I get a higher elementary grade when I am teaching I will use ILP because I am excited to see what the students would like to learn and have them keep me updated about the learning that they are doing! I think it would be enjoying for both the students and myself!

Thank you Dr. Ellington for assigning this ILP!!


One comment

  1. Elisabeth Ellington · May 10, 2016

    This was a great ILP and I can see that you learned a lot about yourself–as well as about your topic!


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