Disconnecting from Technology???


Disconnecting for the Internet for 3 days or a whole year?! IF some people heard this they would have a melt down. Our world today is made up of so much technology and Internet sources that we forget there is life away from that. I have done different challenges of giving up my phone or Facebook and it was tough. When I was younger I was constantly on my phone texting or checking Facebook and posting multiple times a day on there. As I have grown up I don’t post things everyday and I only text when I have a question. When I am not on my phone or the Internet I am hanging out with friends, working out, doing homework, cooking/baking, and well living life. The person I am now wishes the younger me wasn’t so attached to the Internet or my phone so that I could have more adventurous stories to tell or skills to show off.

A couple weeks ago my friends and I were talking about how we miss the days when homework was dong a worksheet or using our notebooks for school. We are tired of computers and online homework. Because when we think we have a day off from school or class is canceled it really isn’t due to the fact that computers and wifi are almost everywhere and teachers can set deadlines whenever they want. Teachers also prefer typed homework to hand written homework. I thought it was neat that in one of the articles we read this week how there was a class that did away with technology for awhile and it was an eye opener for students who were so used to being glued to the computer or smart board or Ipad.

This weeks learning has helped me to see that going without technology for a year is doable. I personally couldn’t do it but I think its neat that Paul did. I also thought it was cool how the boys gave up their phones for 3 whole days. I think starting with small changes on removing yourself from different technology things helps students to see that there is life that is worth exploring. Being able to detach yourself from the Internet and technology really gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to be available to anyone who needs you. Being able to focus on others and ourselves is a lot healthier than being sucked to the screen that is absorbing majority of your time or possibly your life.



  1. karsonlangley · March 24, 2016

    I thought this blog post was a great read, Alyssa! I agree with you in missing the old paper, pencil homework. I think a break from technology is great. There are times I want to spike my iPhone into the ground and just be disconnected from everything. However, the easy and effortless access to almost anything always draws me back in. Do you ever wish we never even had this advanced of technology? I sure do. I wouldn’t mind not having a cell phone and having to use landlines again. Not to mention having to use books and reading to pass time.

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    • missboller · March 27, 2016

      I agree with you! Not having a cellphone would help lessen the drama and the bullying issues.


  2. corinneelisecarlton · April 7, 2016

    I was just having a conversation similar to this the other day. Someone asked me, at what grade do student’s learn cursive, because they hadn’t seen anyone write cursive forever. Well the answer is they do, but only in third grade. Not before, and not after, are they required to use it. It isn’t necessary because no one writes letters, or gives out cards, or writes homework out. It’s a dying art because we literally use technology for EVERYTHING. What would we do if one day all of our technology just stopped working, and none of our youth knows what to do without it?

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    • missboller · April 10, 2016

      Sadly we are starting to see people freaking out about how to live without technology… If only people knew that life can go on with out technology. 🙂


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