This past week I have taken time to reflect on this class. I am amazed by all that I have learned. Most online classes I have taken have been complicated for me because I feel  like I have not learned as much as I could have if I would have taken the class on campus. However, this class is so different. I have learned lots about different technology sites and how to apply it into my future classroom. We only have 6 weeks left of school and I feel like I have grown more tech savy from taking this class. I have enjoyed being able to choose what I learn in the class. It was really neat to be assigned and Independent Learning Project but we were in charge of what we learn. I have enjoyed learning the different language but I have also found that it is hard to learn a second language at this age and time.

My expectations for this class was that I was going to be bored from just blogging and tweeting. I wasn’t really looking forward to this class but as we have dove into this semester and learned many different things each week I have found myself interested in majority of the weeks. I have even found myself challenged and I enjoy the challenge. I appreciate how we learn about different topics each week and we also have our own topic to learn. I don’t have a favorite module because I have enjoyed  most of them. I really enjoyed when we were able to choose our own TED talk video and when we learned about Digital Citizenship.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks and what we will be able to learn. I know I will still be challenged but I am looking forward to the learning that I will be doing. I have not started the 30 daily challenge activity but I know that it will be okay. I just need to stay focused and dedicated to the class.

Cheers to the next 6 weeks!



  1. morgan13hays · March 18, 2016

    Great post! I think it is great how much you have gotten out of this class. I agree with you that it is fun to do the Independent Learning Project. It is not often in college that we get to control what we learn in that sense. I also think it is great that you have like the challenges of this class!

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  2. ataft4482 · March 19, 2016

    I do like the control we have in our learning with this class. We are given guidelines and timeframes and then get to explore and experience ourselves and that has been fun. I have not started my 30 day either. I feel I am a week behind because of spring break actually. because based on the module dates, there wasn’t a break, the assignments were on going. So, now I feel a week behind. So I am going to spend tomorrow catching up and doing the March 7 module which I haven’t started. I agree though, I have enjoyed the class.

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  3. taylorbauerblog · March 20, 2016

    I would agree with you that I have learned more in this online class than I have in others. I like that we are given a lot of wonderful resources that point us in the right direction if we need it, but we are still allowed to do more exploring and learning. It’s like getting an attention getter and then taking it as far as you want to learn more. I agree with you on the rest of your post, I am very pleased with how it is going.

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