Digital Citizenship.


What’s your online identity?! Who are you? Are you a happy, silly, mad, miserable, victim, bully, adventurous person? What you post online is out there FOREVER!!!

Digital Citizenship is an online identity of what you post. In one article that I read teachers found a student that they thought was a really good student and when that student used the same hashtag as them on twitter they looked the students profile and they were amazed at what the student posted. I thought this was a little scary because there are a lot of younger children on Facebook and Twitter now and some of the things they post I am sure they would be embarrassed knowing their teacher found them or even worse their future boss. I know just looking at the memories from previous years on my facebook I am just like uhhhh why was I so weird!?!?

As a future teacher I have always thought that if I am able to teach the upper elementary kids I will have them use twitter for assignments. I know this is not good to admit but I forgot that whatever they post is saved on the internet. When and If I use this I will be sending out permission slips because some parents don’t want their children on social media until they feel like they are old enough. I lived with a family where the mom did not want pictures or anything posted of her children until she felt like it was okay.

After researching on Digital Citizenship I learned  more information on how to better use the internet. I also had a good reminder that whatever I post will be able to see for anyone who looks me up. Some good information that I found was through several of the websites that we were given to research. I felt like I gained a better understanding from the articles that were read.

I also thought about how kids are easily bullied now online and my role as a teacher to help students to know how to inform kids how to prevent this from happening.

When I finished reading the articles and exploring them it raised some curiosity in me to see what my identity was. I put my name into google and was not able to find much and then when I searched Alyssa Boller twitter or Alyssa Boller wordpress I found everything from the assignments we have done for this class. I was surprised that I could not find myself on facebook since I find myself constantly on there or the selfies I have taken.




  1. sharinglovelife · March 9, 2016

    Digital citizenship is so complex to cover and so vitally important for safety issues in the classroom. I didn’t find many things on myself either on Google, but I didn’t use ‘wordpress’ or anything like that so I’ll have to try that.

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  2. lovelyteachers · March 9, 2016

    I love lessons about digital citizenship. It is so much fun. No matter what age I teach, I will teach about digital citizenship at their level.

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  3. joshuapilkington · March 26, 2016

    Very nice post! I can completely relate to your reactions when going through some of my memories on Facebook. In parents not wanting their kids on social media until they’re old enough, one of my friend’s parents wouldn’t let her have a Facebook until she was like, 18 or 19, so it’s smart of you to already be thinking about permission slips, etc., that you may need to prepare for your future classroom. That would be very cool though if you were able to succeed at that and utilize Twitter!

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  4. corinneelisecarlton · March 29, 2016

    You found everything? It’s so scary, I didn’t see that much other than all my blogs and a couple pictures I’ve had on Facebook. Like they want us to use privacy settings, but it’s ridiculous that they don’t work. By the way, your writing skills are great. (I always look for mechanics and grammar and reading and then when it comes to my writing I loose all abilities.) Anyway, it’s so scary to think how young students are now that are on social media. I had a third grader that I mentor add me on Facebook the other day, completely inappropriate!

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    • missboller · March 29, 2016

      Thank you for the compliment! A third grader who has facebook? For some reason I am not that surprised… but I feel like its too young for that.

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