How much of your life is Online?!

Session 1

  1. Date: 3/22/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: I was in a classroom all to myself for 3 hours and then a couple peers showed up to do homework too. I am using my laptop and my phone is next to the laptop.
    3. Duration of session: 12:30-4
    4. What occurred: people walked by the room and music was playing
    5. What you did: homework, created mailing labels, looked up wedding hair and flowers
    6. How you felt: frustrated, excited, tired
    7. What worked: When I play music and I am by myself I can focus and get lots accomplished
    8. What did not work: When my peers came in to do homework because we talk too much
    9. Other comments: I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on homework and wedding planning.


Session 2

  1. Date3/22/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: I was in a classroom all to myself for 3 hours and then a couple peers showed up to do homework too. I am using my laptop and my phone is next to the laptop.
    3. Duration of session: 6-8
    4. What occurred: an empty classroom with a peer and myself playing music
    5. What you did: I worked on more homework
    6. How you felt: Brain dead
    7. What worked: playing music
    8. What did not work: everything worked
    9. Other comments.


Session 3

  1. Date: 3/23/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: In my bedroom
    3. Duration of session: 3-4
    4. What occurred: music in the background and the vibration of my phone informing me of emails and texts
    5. What you did: I made address labels.
    6. How you felt: I wish labels didn’t take so long.
    7. What worked: Knowing that the faster I work the sooner I’d be done
    8. What did not work: laying on my bed
    9. Other comments.


Session 4

  1. Date: 3/24/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: Empty classroom with my laptop and cell phone.
    3. Duration of session: 2-5
    4. What occurred: my friends and I sitting in an empty classroom
    5. What you did: I did homework
    6. How you felt: It’s almost Friday! Finish hard you can do this!
    7. What worked: occasional breaks (5min) and playing music
    8. What did not work
    9. Other comments.

Session 5

  1. Date: 3/25/16
    2. Description of Physical Space and Device: Empty classroom with my laptop and cell phone.
    3. Duration of session: 10:30-12
  2. What occurred: People come in and out of the room.
    5. What you did: homework
    6. How you felt: Can the hours hurry up?! I am ready for the weekend (getting the house ready to move into)
    7. What worked: Knowing I had deadlines to meet.
    8. What did not work: My excitement to have a 3day weekend.
    9. Other comments.


After looking through my journal entries on how much time I spend on my laptop and how long I am on the Internet I just feel like I am chained down all week. I think part of the reason I get so excited about the weekend is because I work so hard through out the week trying to get all my homework done so that on the weekends I can focus on getting the house ready that my fiancé and I will be living in when we are married and planning wedding stuff. Also on the weekends since I don’t have wifi where I stay its nice to just focus on life and live it. Note to anyone who wants to have a life do NOT take 21 credits, plan a wedding, and try to get a house ready before the wedding. I am glad that I am taking classes that I enjoy because it makes it easier to spend time on them. Since I am always on the computer doing homework I feel like I am missing out on the fun that some of my peers are participating on. I feel like I do my best work when I am alone in the classroom and my fiancé isn’t texting me because I have no distractions. Playing upbeat music helps me to stay focused on getting my homework done.


Disconnecting from Technology???


Disconnecting for the Internet for 3 days or a whole year?! IF some people heard this they would have a melt down. Our world today is made up of so much technology and Internet sources that we forget there is life away from that. I have done different challenges of giving up my phone or Facebook and it was tough. When I was younger I was constantly on my phone texting or checking Facebook and posting multiple times a day on there. As I have grown up I don’t post things everyday and I only text when I have a question. When I am not on my phone or the Internet I am hanging out with friends, working out, doing homework, cooking/baking, and well living life. The person I am now wishes the younger me wasn’t so attached to the Internet or my phone so that I could have more adventurous stories to tell or skills to show off.

A couple weeks ago my friends and I were talking about how we miss the days when homework was dong a worksheet or using our notebooks for school. We are tired of computers and online homework. Because when we think we have a day off from school or class is canceled it really isn’t due to the fact that computers and wifi are almost everywhere and teachers can set deadlines whenever they want. Teachers also prefer typed homework to hand written homework. I thought it was neat that in one of the articles we read this week how there was a class that did away with technology for awhile and it was an eye opener for students who were so used to being glued to the computer or smart board or Ipad.

This weeks learning has helped me to see that going without technology for a year is doable. I personally couldn’t do it but I think its neat that Paul did. I also thought it was cool how the boys gave up their phones for 3 whole days. I think starting with small changes on removing yourself from different technology things helps students to see that there is life that is worth exploring. Being able to detach yourself from the Internet and technology really gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to be available to anyone who needs you. Being able to focus on others and ourselves is a lot healthier than being sucked to the screen that is absorbing majority of your time or possibly your life.

Back at it again! ILP


I am a little ashamed to admit this but when I took a week off from practicing my Lakota language I forgot more than I would have liked to. I have lots of excuses on why this happened but that doesn’t change anything. My lesson I learned from a week off is DON’T take a week of from learning. With that being said this week I made extra time to regroup my learning. I started reviewing the animals and then people. Once I had gone over them a few times I was getting back in the swing of things. To continue my learning I have downloaded a Lakota language app on my phone to help me. I found this to be neat because when I am on the go and have a few minutes I can learn away from my computer. I thought this would be a good time management choice. I am glad to be getting back into the swing of things. After I had reviewed animals and people I reviewed the phrases I had learned. The phrases are harder to learn than just the single words.

A couple of weeks ago Chadron had a teacher interview day in which I participated in. When I interviewed at one of the stations I was handed a subbing application. As I looked through the application one of the questions were do you know Lakota language. I so badly wanted to put yes but I am nowhere near fluent but it was exciting that that was a questions that I can potentially answer yes to!

Online Activist?


After reading the articles this week I was amazed by how many people use the Internet to be activists. It makes sense that people would use the Internet because when something is posted on the Internet anyone and everyone can see what is posted. I think this type of activism is a little easier for groups to become larger and stronger. I think this type of activism is more effective in the way that people all over the world can work together to make something happen.

When reading about the teens that use the Internet to be activist I thought it was really neat. I thought it was neat in the way that they have been taught how to use the Internet effectively to make a difference in the world! As a future teacher I will be teaching students and having them use the Internet. Before they use the Internet I will teach them the importance of using the Internet appropriately.

While I was reading the articles I thought to myself, “I wonder if I have ever participated in digital activism.” As far as I know I have not participated in digital activism. I am thinking that I will use this topic in my classroom. I feel like it could be exciting for the students but also very educational. I would use digital activism in my class when we are learning about campaigns or running for class president. I think having the students use twitter and facebook and any other social media at the time of my teaching will show students how digital activism works. This is just an idea I would need to do more brainstorming to figure out the details.

I think some of the key issues we should consider about digital activism is that people can be abusive online. As a future teacher I am not sure that I should participate in majority of activism because I am held to such high standards and if a parent or a coworker or boss saw me out there and didn’t agree with my thoughts they would maybe have me fired. And maybe this thought is over thinking digital activism. I think before we let our students out on the Internet we should most definitely inform them of the seriousness of being online and show them that everything they post will show up. We will need to educate our students how to make good decisions when posting on the Internet.

I felt like this weeks module was very interesting and I learned more information on our digital world.


This past week I have taken time to reflect on this class. I am amazed by all that I have learned. Most online classes I have taken have been complicated for me because I feel  like I have not learned as much as I could have if I would have taken the class on campus. However, this class is so different. I have learned lots about different technology sites and how to apply it into my future classroom. We only have 6 weeks left of school and I feel like I have grown more tech savy from taking this class. I have enjoyed being able to choose what I learn in the class. It was really neat to be assigned and Independent Learning Project but we were in charge of what we learn. I have enjoyed learning the different language but I have also found that it is hard to learn a second language at this age and time.

My expectations for this class was that I was going to be bored from just blogging and tweeting. I wasn’t really looking forward to this class but as we have dove into this semester and learned many different things each week I have found myself interested in majority of the weeks. I have even found myself challenged and I enjoy the challenge. I appreciate how we learn about different topics each week and we also have our own topic to learn. I don’t have a favorite module because I have enjoyed  most of them. I really enjoyed when we were able to choose our own TED talk video and when we learned about Digital Citizenship.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks and what we will be able to learn. I know I will still be challenged but I am looking forward to the learning that I will be doing. I have not started the 30 daily challenge activity but I know that it will be okay. I just need to stay focused and dedicated to the class.

Cheers to the next 6 weeks!

Digital Citizenship.


What’s your online identity?! Who are you? Are you a happy, silly, mad, miserable, victim, bully, adventurous person? What you post online is out there FOREVER!!!

Digital Citizenship is an online identity of what you post. In one article that I read teachers found a student that they thought was a really good student and when that student used the same hashtag as them on twitter they looked the students profile and they were amazed at what the student posted. I thought this was a little scary because there are a lot of younger children on Facebook and Twitter now and some of the things they post I am sure they would be embarrassed knowing their teacher found them or even worse their future boss. I know just looking at the memories from previous years on my facebook I am just like uhhhh why was I so weird!?!?

As a future teacher I have always thought that if I am able to teach the upper elementary kids I will have them use twitter for assignments. I know this is not good to admit but I forgot that whatever they post is saved on the internet. When and If I use this I will be sending out permission slips because some parents don’t want their children on social media until they feel like they are old enough. I lived with a family where the mom did not want pictures or anything posted of her children until she felt like it was okay.

After researching on Digital Citizenship I learned  more information on how to better use the internet. I also had a good reminder that whatever I post will be able to see for anyone who looks me up. Some good information that I found was through several of the websites that we were given to research. I felt like I gained a better understanding from the articles that were read.

I also thought about how kids are easily bullied now online and my role as a teacher to help students to know how to inform kids how to prevent this from happening.

When I finished reading the articles and exploring them it raised some curiosity in me to see what my identity was. I put my name into google and was not able to find much and then when I searched Alyssa Boller twitter or Alyssa Boller wordpress I found everything from the assignments we have done for this class. I was surprised that I could not find myself on facebook since I find myself constantly on there or the selfies I have taken.