ILP update 2/27/16



Last time I blogged about how it was so tough to fit learning a new language into my week well I no longer struggle! Thank goodness! I have come up with a schedule that has helped me to organize a little better and I also met a friend who is taking the Lakota Language class at Chadron. I am excited about organizing my language learning and I am happy that I know someone  who can help me and guide me. I do better when I work with someone then on my own. This week I worked on reviewing what I have learned and I practiced using them on my family. They sometimes laugh at me because I struggle a little bit when pronouncing some of the words but I think with reviewing and listening the new words I will be more fluent in this language. I went to the school where my fiancé’s mom works. In the hallways and on the doors entering and leaving the school are words in Lakota Language. When I saw this I thought it was exciting because it will help keep me reminded of the different phrases in their language. Another reason I found it exciting was because I knew how to pronounce the words and I knew what it meant! Yahoo!!

A confusing term or concept that I had to get figured out when learning the Lakota language is that the letter “t” has a “d” sound. So instead of pronouncing the the t in a word you will pronounce with word as if it has a d in it. After I had learned this I was able to pronounce words a little easier. I also learned that females and males have different dialects in this language. SO when I started out I was in the wrong direction. These pas couple weeks I am getting re-situated and put on the right direction. However, the vine I made for class earlier is correct.

I look forward to more that I will be learning! Stay tuned everyone!



  1. chandrachadroneagles · February 28, 2016

    That’s awesome that you have developed a schedule to keep you on track! I am also learning a new language, and need to organize a better schedule and time to dedicate to learning the Spanish language. It hasn’t been extremely effective for me thus far in trying to take a little time here and a little time there to try and effectively learn the language. Setting a schedule sounds like a great idea and is something I am going to try to do in the upcoming weeks!

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  2. rebeccabargs · February 28, 2016

    I love scheduling and Im glad you are not struggling as much!! I can’t wait to see the progress you make!

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  3. graceharveyblog · February 29, 2016

    It sounds like you are really learning a lot! I think the schedule is a great idea and I love how you practice with you family. Great job!

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