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A video explaining Personalized Learning & showing how it is used in the classroom:


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A Teacher Blog focused on Personalized Learning:


After doing my research for this week I found out more information on personalize learning. We have and are practicing personalize learning in our digital literacy class. Personalize learning is when students are engaged in learning. Students get to choose what they want to learn. From the examples that I read about and the videos I watched personalize learning is mostly used with technology. With students today if they aren’t busy with technology then they aren’t very interested in their learning. A classroom that uses personalize learning is usually loud and students are out of their seats in small groups working on a computer game or working on a project in the classroom. To some this may sound like chaos and an unmanaged classroom but this is the new way of learning for students. And from listening to teachers their students are always sad when they have to stop learning for a bit to go to lunch because they are so engaged and excited about their learning. As a future teacher hearing that personalized learning is fun for students excites me! I plan to be the teacher that makes learning fun and memorable for students. I feel like teachers who truly care about their student’s success in learning would choose to do personalize learning. When first starting to use this it could be scary or overwhelming. If that’s a concern then start small. Slowly integrate personalize learning in at one subject at a time. After awhile when you become comfortable with it then let the whole day revolve around this learning approach. As stated earlier I will be trying this out and applying it to my classroom. When doing these approach teachers can’t spend time at their desk because they need to be engaged in their students learning. Teachers should be walking around to each group or each student seeing what they are learning and see if the student needs to be directed in another direction or if what they are finding is good. Some advantages of using personalized learning are that students are excited to learn at their own pace with technology at their finger tips. A disadvantage that could be seen with this is that some students would abuse the technology and the time spent with the technology. If that happens to be the case then I would give 2 warnings and the third time I would have them write a paper on what they should be learning and why they have to write the paper. I feel like I won’t really have to do that because students enjoy the time the are given to use technology.












  1. taylorbauerblog · February 21, 2016

    I think this is a great idea! We are being taught how to personalize learning and differentiate instruction everyday in our education classes. I think this will definitely take some practice for us teachers to get right. I agree, it’s scary letting students go out on their own and learn what they want. I think when it’s done right, it will be very beneficial to the students doing it. It’s hard to justify personalized learning sometimes to fit the standards we must follow as teachers.


  2. joshuapilkington · February 21, 2016

    First off, great post! I really liked your idea on slowly implementing personalized learning into one or a few subjects at a time. As a new teacher, I could see how overwhelming a seemingly chaotic classroom might be, so this is a great idea. Also, as excited as we get about our individual learning projects, it’ll be fun so see how excited students get when they are in control of what they’re learning. Nice thoughts! Josh


    • missboller · February 22, 2016

      Thanks Josh for taking the time to read my post and comment! I appreciate what you had to say!


  3. ataft4482 · February 21, 2016

    Nice job! I think in some subjects, personalized learning is very useful. I do not know that it would work for all subjects but, a great alternative for others. We also have to remember the students that can not work in the “chaos” and would need an alternative approach for them.


  4. graceharveyblog · February 21, 2016

    I also chose personalized learning! I agree that some disadvantages could be students abusing the technology! After doing the research, I also noticed we are kind of doing personalized learning in this class!


  5. corinneelisecarlton · February 22, 2016

    I feel like one of the most important things we can do as teachers is to really get to know our students and find out what makes them tick. When we do this we can tailor our lesson plans to be more personalized so that our students find the information relevant. You are most absolutely right, we do need make sure to keep including new and innovative technology items to our everyday curriculum, it is one of the most important elements in our students lives at this point! Great post!


    • missboller · February 22, 2016

      Thank you for reading my post! I appreciate you taking time to let me know your thoughts as well!

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