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Before researching what Personal Learning Network (PLN) is I had no clue about it. So after doing my research I found lots of great information about PLN.

I learned what PLN stood for and what is. PLN or Personal Learning Network is when a group of people gets together and share thoughts and ideas with other people. This can be an online group or it can just be face-to-face group. My opinion on having an online PLN is that even people you don’t know can learn from you and you can learn from them. To me this is totally awesome and mind blowing! I have honestly never really considered how great technology is until after taking this class.

When I go to build my PLN I will be looking for people who share the same interests as me and follow them. I chose to do my PLN on children’s book since I am going to need to know about what great children books are out there for me as a future teacher. During my reading I found in order to make a great PLN you will have to do some adding and deleting. Keep the people who help you gain great information and delete the ones who don’t seem to give out information. This will help you as a learner have a strong PLN and make you a better learner. I also learned when building my PLN I need to engage with the other learners and be mindful and not sarcastic. ß This last sentence is a no brainer but I hadn’t thought about it when doing my research. Also it is a great reminder. The summary of what I learned PLN to be is that PLN is kind of like having friends. In order to be successful in life you need friends who believe in you and help you learn and grow. You also need to communicate with your friends in order for both of you to remain friends. Some friends will stay and some friends will leave but in the end the ones who stay or come in are there to help make life better. I hope this analogy makes sense.


After reading the article “How to Cultivate Your Personal Network” I feel like I better understand what PLN is and how to make my own. This article was very helpful in this weeks reading. However, after reading this article I feel as if I need to go through some of my “friends” and make some fine-tuning.


When sharing things in my PLN I need to share information that my “friends” are interested in as well. I also need to engage with my “friends” about their shares and others to help us all have a better learning experience. The one challenge I felt like there could be is that sometimes I get so busy that I would forget about my PLN and just Google the information I need and then get my answer and continue on.



  1. Elisabeth Ellington · February 18, 2016

    Great point about not being sarcastic when you tweet and share! It’s really challenging to understand tone on social media so it’s better to be sincere.

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  2. thoov21 · February 21, 2016

    Great Post! I think that PLN are a great way to share your ideas rather than just googling someone else’s.


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