Passion Learning

In the education classes that I have taken the professors have all made it very clear on how we as future teachers need to present our lessons with such energetic happy upbeat emotions. When presenting the lesson in this way we can make it interesting for our students. In a sense this is how we can help our students be passionate about what we are teaching them. But as one of the articles I read stated that we need to know what our students are interested in or passionate about and create lessons or relate lessons to the students’ interest. I really like how the article said that because it is so true how we need to get our students passionate about learning.


Another thing that was mentioned in one of the articles that I read is how the teachers need to be vulnerable about what they are passionate about and present on things that students like. For example, If a student likes a sports team a teacher needs to find a way to incorporate the sports team into what the students are needing to learn.


One thing that I really liked is how the teacher gave a presentation on something that she was passionate about and taught her students. Then the students would do the same things. When I become a teacher I will use this strategy towards the beginning of the year so that the students can get to know one another and so that I can get to know my students as well. For the younger grades I will have them draw a picture and tell the class what they are passionate about. If I have an upper elementary class I will have them create a power point to present to the class what they are passionate about. This activity is important for teachers to assign at the beginning of the year so that everyone can learn about one another.


When teachers teach lessons and incorporate things into the lesson that students are passionate about it helps students find interest in what is being taught. When we find things that students have interest in we can increase the students learning level and interest. When I become a teacher I will be creating relationships with students to learn what they are passionate about so that I as a future teacher can make me lessons interesting for my students.

My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning

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  1. morgan13hays · February 7, 2016

    Great post! I did not read any of the articles that you did but they sound like great articles. I really like how you talked about having students present to the class about their passion. I think that is a great introductory activity to use at the beginning of the year like you said. I also found in my articles that we need to make sure that we incorporate the students’ passions into our lessons.


    • missboller · February 7, 2016

      I agree with you! Being able to incorporate students passion into our lessons is exactly what needs to be done!


  2. chandrachadroneagles · February 7, 2016

    This was a fantastic post! I think that you made some very nice highlights through out the post and provided some very nice specific examples of how you’ll apply it to your future classes!! I can’t agree more with you on the fact that I think it is highly important that we incorporate more student passions and interests in the classrooms. To often, as a sub, I see content being taught that has no meaning to these kids today! Like literally the blank faces and stares are antagonizing! This concept of passion based teaching is something that has been of strong interest to me since I started my teaching journey, and I plan on incorporating it in my own future classrooms!

    Again, thank you for the wonderful post!


    • missboller · February 7, 2016

      Thank you for taking the time to read through my post! When you sub would it be at all possible for you to stick to what is being taught but find a way to relate it to the students? Does that make sense? I am so glad that when you start teaching you will be teaching lessons that students can relate to! Thats the way it should be!


      • chandrachadroneagles · February 8, 2016

        I try my best–but my ideas for what I think should be happening in a classroom are often times so different than the actual teacher–and most of the time out of respect its best to just stick to what the kids have been doing. When I try and mess up the routine–the rooms usually end in chaos haha


      • missboller · February 8, 2016

        I didn’t even think of those things. Well I am glad you are sticking to the teachers rules and now you’ll know what to do and not do in yours! 🙂


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