ILP update 2/27/16



Last time I blogged about how it was so tough to fit learning a new language into my week well I no longer struggle! Thank goodness! I have come up with a schedule that has helped me to organize a little better and I also met a friend who is taking the Lakota Language class at Chadron. I am excited about organizing my language learning and I am happy that I know someone  who can help me and guide me. I do better when I work with someone then on my own. This week I worked on reviewing what I have learned and I practiced using them on my family. They sometimes laugh at me because I struggle a little bit when pronouncing some of the words but I think with reviewing and listening the new words I will be more fluent in this language. I went to the school where my fiancé’s mom works. In the hallways and on the doors entering and leaving the school are words in Lakota Language. When I saw this I thought it was exciting because it will help keep me reminded of the different phrases in their language. Another reason I found it exciting was because I knew how to pronounce the words and I knew what it meant! Yahoo!!

A confusing term or concept that I had to get figured out when learning the Lakota language is that the letter “t” has a “d” sound. So instead of pronouncing the the t in a word you will pronounce with word as if it has a d in it. After I had learned this I was able to pronounce words a little easier. I also learned that females and males have different dialects in this language. SO when I started out I was in the wrong direction. These pas couple weeks I am getting re-situated and put on the right direction. However, the vine I made for class earlier is correct.

I look forward to more that I will be learning! Stay tuned everyone!




What is this Ds106 !?!?! A code?  Ha! No! Ds106 is an online learning tool. People create fun little assignments that creative and there are all sorts of different assignments. There are visual, audio, video, writing, mashup, and much more! I think this would be a great tool to bring into the classroom for the upper elementary and up students!

When I was looking through these links that had been provided for us to look at and learn from I was a little worried and started wondering if I would be able to do this. When I first looked at these websites I was unsure of what it really was. I googled trying to search for my answer on what Ds106 is and it had nothing except how to show me how to write a resume…I knew that wasn’t right. I then went to Youtube and looked up examples of Ds106 and found a video that was a little helpful. But I still wasn’t so sure what to do. Soooo I went back to the websites that we were given for this weeks assignment and I dug through stuff to get a little more clear understanding of what Ds106 is and how to use it. I think I understand and I feel like I am going to be super stretched out of my comfort zone but if I have learned one thing from college classes is that they do not let you get comfortable. College classes like to stretch you and help you expand on things that this world has to offer and they do this to help us better help the future people or places we will encounter.

From doing my research on Ds106 I really liked how the had more than one or five different learning tools/assignments. I thought this was great that the website had so many different assignments and different types of assignments because there are many different learning styles out there that need to be reached. As a future teacher I can see this website becoming bookmarked in my computer so that I can use this if I have upper elementary students. I feel like I could use these assignments has a brain break from our daily classes, or I could do this in the morning for calendar/ good morning time. As future teachers we constantly hear how we need to bring back creativity in the classrooms and I feel like this is one of the many ways we can do that for our students.

I am looking forward to using this myself for this class but I am also a little nervous to get started on this adventure.


Personalize Learning!




A video explaining Personalized Learning & showing how it is used in the classroom:


Three expert teachers I am following on Twitter:





A Teacher Blog focused on Personalized Learning:


After doing my research for this week I found out more information on personalize learning. We have and are practicing personalize learning in our digital literacy class. Personalize learning is when students are engaged in learning. Students get to choose what they want to learn. From the examples that I read about and the videos I watched personalize learning is mostly used with technology. With students today if they aren’t busy with technology then they aren’t very interested in their learning. A classroom that uses personalize learning is usually loud and students are out of their seats in small groups working on a computer game or working on a project in the classroom. To some this may sound like chaos and an unmanaged classroom but this is the new way of learning for students. And from listening to teachers their students are always sad when they have to stop learning for a bit to go to lunch because they are so engaged and excited about their learning. As a future teacher hearing that personalized learning is fun for students excites me! I plan to be the teacher that makes learning fun and memorable for students. I feel like teachers who truly care about their student’s success in learning would choose to do personalize learning. When first starting to use this it could be scary or overwhelming. If that’s a concern then start small. Slowly integrate personalize learning in at one subject at a time. After awhile when you become comfortable with it then let the whole day revolve around this learning approach. As stated earlier I will be trying this out and applying it to my classroom. When doing these approach teachers can’t spend time at their desk because they need to be engaged in their students learning. Teachers should be walking around to each group or each student seeing what they are learning and see if the student needs to be directed in another direction or if what they are finding is good. Some advantages of using personalized learning are that students are excited to learn at their own pace with technology at their finger tips. A disadvantage that could be seen with this is that some students would abuse the technology and the time spent with the technology. If that happens to be the case then I would give 2 warnings and the third time I would have them write a paper on what they should be learning and why they have to write the paper. I feel like I won’t really have to do that because students enjoy the time the are given to use technology.











Native American


Another week down. Lots of learning took place this week. I am very excited about the progress I am making. I wasn’t able to learn all that I wanted to this week due to some circumstances. Next week will be better and I will continue learning. This week I learned a few words that we hear on a regular basis. I learned the words boy, girl, dog, cat, fish, pet, horse, and a few others. This week during my learning I found a website that can help me with my language learning. I was so happy to find this website because it helps me learn the language a little easier. I also learned this week that Chadron State offers a class to teach the Lakota Language. I wish I would have known this sooner I would have joined. However, with this semester of taking 21 credits and planning a wedding I am not sure how I would have fit that in there. I know it would be good for me though. I have really enjoyed learning on my own and learning something interesting that I can apply to my future.

This week my thoughts about this were how are where and when am I going to have time to fit 2 hours of learning my language in? Am I going to have to sacrifice my sleep in order to find time to learn? The answer to these questions is yes it was hard to find the time but I found it. Yes I had to sacrifice my sleep to learn the language this week but, it was all well worth it. Being able to learn my new language is motivating me to love learning. Learning a new language also helps build confidence and curiosity. I am a little curious on how I would do speaking the Lakota language to someone. I have a hard time memorizing words and so I feel like I need to create a note card stack that helps me review each day or at least a couple times a week.

To be honest this learning the Lakota language is tough. I have been making comments to my family about how I am struggling to feel like I am making progress but after talking to them this week they motivated me to keep trying and I had a great week of learning. I was also told that there is a man who lives around the community of my fiancé and he learned the Lakota language when he was in his 20’s. I would like to meet him sometime and maybe get some pointers from him on how maybe learning the language could be a little easier for me.


However, at the end of the day I am very thankful to have this opportunity!





{ODC The New one} Work

Before researching what Personal Learning Network (PLN) is I had no clue about it. So after doing my research I found lots of great information about PLN.

I learned what PLN stood for and what is. PLN or Personal Learning Network is when a group of people gets together and share thoughts and ideas with other people. This can be an online group or it can just be face-to-face group. My opinion on having an online PLN is that even people you don’t know can learn from you and you can learn from them. To me this is totally awesome and mind blowing! I have honestly never really considered how great technology is until after taking this class.

When I go to build my PLN I will be looking for people who share the same interests as me and follow them. I chose to do my PLN on children’s book since I am going to need to know about what great children books are out there for me as a future teacher. During my reading I found in order to make a great PLN you will have to do some adding and deleting. Keep the people who help you gain great information and delete the ones who don’t seem to give out information. This will help you as a learner have a strong PLN and make you a better learner. I also learned when building my PLN I need to engage with the other learners and be mindful and not sarcastic. ß This last sentence is a no brainer but I hadn’t thought about it when doing my research. Also it is a great reminder. The summary of what I learned PLN to be is that PLN is kind of like having friends. In order to be successful in life you need friends who believe in you and help you learn and grow. You also need to communicate with your friends in order for both of you to remain friends. Some friends will stay and some friends will leave but in the end the ones who stay or come in are there to help make life better. I hope this analogy makes sense.


After reading the article “How to Cultivate Your Personal Network” I feel like I better understand what PLN is and how to make my own. This article was very helpful in this weeks reading. However, after reading this article I feel as if I need to go through some of my “friends” and make some fine-tuning.


When sharing things in my PLN I need to share information that my “friends” are interested in as well. I also need to engage with my “friends” about their shares and others to help us all have a better learning experience. The one challenge I felt like there could be is that sometimes I get so busy that I would forget about my PLN and just Google the information I need and then get my answer and continue on.

An Update on my ILP :)

This week was just as hard as the previous week. However, I was able to speak a phrase and then use it when I was with other people. It was neat to see the expression of the other person when I was speaking another language. I am sooo excited about learning another language and being able to apply it to my life but it is much tougher learning on my own than having a teacher guide me along the way. In a way I wish I had a teacher to help guide me but then again it is good to take responsibility of my learning. This week as we learned about passion based learning I started to think how can I show passion in my ILP? It took me back to the beginning of the ILP and why I chose to learn another language. I chose this topic because I am passionate about being able to create relationships with my students so that they are able to see that I care about them. I am passionate about learning their language so that I can incorporate their passions into our lessons.

Throughout this week I practice learning how to introduce myself and greet others. I was able to learn different phrases in the Lakota language. When people say learning a different language when you become older is a lot tougher they are absolutely correct! In high school I thought learning Spanish was tough… boy was I wrong! Learning the Lakota Language as a senior in college is more challenging. However, I absolutely love the challenge because I will appreciate the time I sacrificed being able to learn my future students language!

When I was assigned to make a vine this week I was nervous about everyone watching me. My vine might be silly but I had fun learning the language and being able to share it with everyone. It is rewarding knowing that I am making progress in learning another language other than my own. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to choose what I would like to learn about. As this next week gets ready to begin I look forward to the next challenges that I will face when it comes to learning the Lakota Language. This next week I would like remember the phrases I used this week and learn what different objects are called in the other language!

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Passion Learning

In the education classes that I have taken the professors have all made it very clear on how we as future teachers need to present our lessons with such energetic happy upbeat emotions. When presenting the lesson in this way we can make it interesting for our students. In a sense this is how we can help our students be passionate about what we are teaching them. But as one of the articles I read stated that we need to know what our students are interested in or passionate about and create lessons or relate lessons to the students’ interest. I really like how the article said that because it is so true how we need to get our students passionate about learning.


Another thing that was mentioned in one of the articles that I read is how the teachers need to be vulnerable about what they are passionate about and present on things that students like. For example, If a student likes a sports team a teacher needs to find a way to incorporate the sports team into what the students are needing to learn.


One thing that I really liked is how the teacher gave a presentation on something that she was passionate about and taught her students. Then the students would do the same things. When I become a teacher I will use this strategy towards the beginning of the year so that the students can get to know one another and so that I can get to know my students as well. For the younger grades I will have them draw a picture and tell the class what they are passionate about. If I have an upper elementary class I will have them create a power point to present to the class what they are passionate about. This activity is important for teachers to assign at the beginning of the year so that everyone can learn about one another.


When teachers teach lessons and incorporate things into the lesson that students are passionate about it helps students find interest in what is being taught. When we find things that students have interest in we can increase the students learning level and interest. When I become a teacher I will be creating relationships with students to learn what they are passionate about so that I as a future teacher can make me lessons interesting for my students.

My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning

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