blog 361After reading Bud Hunt’s Blog and watching TED Talk I have been introduced to new ideas that I find to be really neat. Both the video and the blog were full of ideas that I hadn’t necessarily thought about.


The teenage boy, Logan was an amazing speaker. He was very motivated by what he was presenting and he had lots of great points to back up his ideas. As a future teacher it was nice to hear his point of view. Hearing what Logan had to say made me think as a teacher what could I do to help students have happiness and nutrition while learning what they need to learn. I think its great that Logan is so motivated and excited about his learning he does outside of the classroom but I feel as if this learning style wouldn’t benefit other students. I would like to know what Logan’s daily learning schedule looks like so I could maybe gain a better understanding of how all of his learning and exploring works. As a future teacher, however, I feel like I could take some of the things Logan talked about and find a way to integrate it into my classroom so that my students could feel happy about what I am teaching them.


In Bud Hunt’s blog he did a great job of explaining how learning works and what we can do to make learning more fun. I like how Bud said that, “learning happens when we make things”. For me this is so true. I only learn when I either watch how something is done or when I am doing the learning through hands on. As a future teacher I will be having a lot of interactive learning so that my students are able to gain the information and remember what they need to learn for a long time. From my experiences with teachers who made us learn “corny” songs or do “silly” activities I would like to go back and thank them, because I am still able to remember what they taught me through engaging me in and my classmates in the activity.


My favorite thing that Bud Hunt said was, “ Learning happens when we hack things, too, because we must understand what our situation is, and how we can fiddle with it, in order to improve it.” I found this to be a quote I can use for life living.



  1. triciamillerblog · January 25, 2016

    I found it interesting that you took a different stance then most of our classmates. Most of them were all on board with Logan’s learning style, me included. However, I like the point you made. Not everyone would be good at learning that way, some people have more self motivation then others, and it seems to me that Logan is one of those people that is very self motivated.


    • missboller · January 25, 2016

      Logan is a very motivated student! I would love to teach my students how learning can be fun!


  2. rebeccabargs · January 25, 2016

    I am also going to be a teacher in a few years and found what Logan said very inspiring! It’s nice to have a little incite in how some of my students will think some day!


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