Digital Literacy say Whaaaat?!?!

What is digital literacy? What is digital fluency? What is something about digital literacy that I really know? What do I want to learn about digital literacy? What do people do to be effective digital learners?


Digital literacy is being able to use tools to search and find sources and be able to learn from the source. Some examples of digital literacy could be smart phones, IPods, tablets, computers, and others. I am sure most people today use digital literacy and don’t realize what they are doing or using is known as digital literacy. I know I wasn’t sure of what digital literacy was until I did some research and I realized I was already practicing digital literacy.


Digital fluency is discovering and sharing ideas with others. People do this on a daily basis. Using digital fluency we are able to help anyone and everyone out.


With all that is out there on the Internet I would like to know how to use digital literacy in my future classroom. I feel like once I fully understand digital literacy and how it all works I feel like maybe I could incorporate this in my future classroom.


What can people do to be effective digital learners and leaders? People can first learn about how to use the tools in the digital world. After they learn about how digital tools work they can start applying them to their lives and being able to benefit from all the wonderful things the digital literacy has to offer! How can people be leaders in the digital level? Well they first need to start out as learners and then they can work their way up to a leader. However, just because a person can become a leader doesn’t mean they can’t learn, because trust me, leaders can still learn! I think people need to learn about digital literacy and apply it to their lives and they will be so amazed by how much simpler life is and all the exploring they can do.



  1. karsonlangley · January 25, 2016

    I agree with you Alyssa, I’m looking forward to learning how to apply digital literacy and digital fluency to a classroom environment. I feel like I grew up as all of this new technology was evolving. Therefore, the classes I participated in were more old school. Do you think it will be hard to move towards adding digital aspects to class? It is hard for me to imagine and I have a hard time accepting the new technological changes. It about gave me a heart attack to make a Twitter for this class because social media isn’t something I love to participate in.


    • missboller · January 25, 2016

      I think there will be some challenges but we will get it figured out so we shouldn’t worry.


  2. thoov21 · January 25, 2016

    I think once we get the handle on digital literacy. It will become very useful to us.


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