Lakota Language

This week I made extra time to figure out how this language learning stuff was going to work. In high school I took 3 years of Spanish and to this day I can not tell you what I learned. I really wish I could have remembered more Spanish than I do. However, I feel that learning the Lakota Language and then being able to apply it to every day life will help me be able to remember what I learn.

For my independent learning this week I learned how to say a few words. I have found a Lakota book and it helps me learn words. When I do not know how to pronounce the word I either look it up on google or I ask my fiances mom. My fiances mom works at a school close to the reservation and she sometimes uses the Lakota Language. I have also found a couple books that will help me learn the language a little easier. I am looking forward to being able to accomplish this project!

As I work through this independent learning project I am starting to plan out how much of the language to learn. I would like to learn most of the language but what my thoughts are is that I am just going to be able to learn the common conversational phrases that are used and maybe some of the school words and animal words. I think knowing these things will help me to start out with showing the students that I want to be able to relate with them.

After this week I feel a little overwhelmed by all that I will be learning but I keep reminding myself of how rewarding it will be when I know these phrases. I enjoy learning about different cultures and when I travel to different places I like to learn at least one phrase that I know I will use often. Having my fiance’s family know a little bit of the Lakota Language will be helpful because when I do not know something they will be able to explain it to me and help me to speak the phrase the right way. As I said earlier I can not wait to continue this journey of learning the new language. I know  I will have some rough days learning the different language but in the end I know it will all be worth it! I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn something of my choice!


Native American


If You’re Gonna Lead, LEAD!


I am not even sure where to begin how to do a review on this TED talk. I have not watched a TED talk this AMAZING in my life! I am not exaggerating either! Linda is an amazing woman who is passionate about students and helping them become successful. Linda is a principal at a school known as Strawberry Mansion. When she first took this position she saw that there were locks on the door, classrooms trashed, and the reputation of the school was dangerous. When she saw and heard the things about this school she knew she had to change things to help students who were once like her. Linda decided to take charge and make changes so that her students could be successful! The first step she took was creating a group of teachers who were willing to help her fix up the school so they could have a school who will prosper. When Linda found a group to help her they started cleaning up the rooms and decorating the bulletin boards around the school. But Linda did not stop there, she taught teachers how to teach the students, she repeats expectations to students daily, she takes lunch duty so she can get to know her students, and when it is a students’ birthday she sings to them! All these things show students just how much their principal cares about them. Strawberry Mansion also holds monthly meetings so that students who have questions or comments about what is going on in school they can ask. Linda said she answers each and every question with an honest answer!

After a year of being there Linda and her school has made HUGE improvements and she says they still have a long ways to go. When she first started there most kids didn’t come to class and the academic scores were very low. After a year attendance is better and the score have increased immensely! I love hearing stories of hard work paying off. And to help you know how much I love hearing stories like this I have watched this TED talk 5 times! Linda was once like her students living in poverty raised by one parent and now she is a principal who is helping students. She knows what her students go through just to survive and that is why she makes school such a great place for them because she wants it to be the highlight of their day! My favorite quote from her is “ If nobody told you they loved you today, Remember I do! And I always will!” I will be using this quote the rest of my life because this is so powerful! I want to be the teacher who makes the highlight of a students’ day! I want my students to know they are loved.


***Watch the video! You. Will. Be. Inspired!

Independent Learning Project

Native American

When assigned this Independent Study I was panicky because I was unsure of something I wanted to learn. I haven’t had to think about what I wanted to learn in a long time. I have always been given information and done further research on it. But with this freedom that I have just been given to choose my own topic of learning I have decided that I would like to learn about the Lakota language.

Being able to learn about the Lakota language is important to me because there is a possibility that my future students will be from the Lakota tribe. This summer when I get married I will be living in South Dakota and I am hoping to land a job in the  school near our house. By being able to learn about the Lakota language I will be able to show my students that I truly respect their culture and I am wanting to learn more about them. I feel as though having this trait will help my students to feel safe with me and know that I care about them.

When I become a teacher and happen to get placed in the school where my fiance’ lives I think it would benefit me to have an understanding of my neighbors I will be meeting, my coworkers I will be interacting with, and just for my personal understanding. When a person has the desire to learn about their surroundings and the different culture they will be living in, it says something about their character as a person. It shows others that the person really cares about their surroundings and that they are trying to understand the new culture.

I am excited about starting this journey of learning about the Lakota language. I feel as if I will benefit greatly from this independent learning project. Being able to pick a topic that I am interested in will help me be able to enjoy researching and will give me the opportunity to enhance my future. As a future teacher I will be letting my students choose the topics they research so that when they come across an assignment like this they won’t be panicky like me and have to sit a ponder for awhile about what they would like to research. Giving students the freedom to choose what they learn helps the learning rise because students are actually interested in what they are learning since they chose the topic.


blog 361After reading Bud Hunt’s Blog and watching TED Talk I have been introduced to new ideas that I find to be really neat. Both the video and the blog were full of ideas that I hadn’t necessarily thought about.


The teenage boy, Logan was an amazing speaker. He was very motivated by what he was presenting and he had lots of great points to back up his ideas. As a future teacher it was nice to hear his point of view. Hearing what Logan had to say made me think as a teacher what could I do to help students have happiness and nutrition while learning what they need to learn. I think its great that Logan is so motivated and excited about his learning he does outside of the classroom but I feel as if this learning style wouldn’t benefit other students. I would like to know what Logan’s daily learning schedule looks like so I could maybe gain a better understanding of how all of his learning and exploring works. As a future teacher, however, I feel like I could take some of the things Logan talked about and find a way to integrate it into my classroom so that my students could feel happy about what I am teaching them.


In Bud Hunt’s blog he did a great job of explaining how learning works and what we can do to make learning more fun. I like how Bud said that, “learning happens when we make things”. For me this is so true. I only learn when I either watch how something is done or when I am doing the learning through hands on. As a future teacher I will be having a lot of interactive learning so that my students are able to gain the information and remember what they need to learn for a long time. From my experiences with teachers who made us learn “corny” songs or do “silly” activities I would like to go back and thank them, because I am still able to remember what they taught me through engaging me in and my classmates in the activity.


My favorite thing that Bud Hunt said was, “ Learning happens when we hack things, too, because we must understand what our situation is, and how we can fiddle with it, in order to improve it.” I found this to be a quote I can use for life living.

Digital Literacy say Whaaaat?!?!

What is digital literacy? What is digital fluency? What is something about digital literacy that I really know? What do I want to learn about digital literacy? What do people do to be effective digital learners?


Digital literacy is being able to use tools to search and find sources and be able to learn from the source. Some examples of digital literacy could be smart phones, IPods, tablets, computers, and others. I am sure most people today use digital literacy and don’t realize what they are doing or using is known as digital literacy. I know I wasn’t sure of what digital literacy was until I did some research and I realized I was already practicing digital literacy.


Digital fluency is discovering and sharing ideas with others. People do this on a daily basis. Using digital fluency we are able to help anyone and everyone out.


With all that is out there on the Internet I would like to know how to use digital literacy in my future classroom. I feel like once I fully understand digital literacy and how it all works I feel like maybe I could incorporate this in my future classroom.


What can people do to be effective digital learners and leaders? People can first learn about how to use the tools in the digital world. After they learn about how digital tools work they can start applying them to their lives and being able to benefit from all the wonderful things the digital literacy has to offer! How can people be leaders in the digital level? Well they first need to start out as learners and then they can work their way up to a leader. However, just because a person can become a leader doesn’t mean they can’t learn, because trust me, leaders can still learn! I think people need to learn about digital literacy and apply it to their lives and they will be so amazed by how much simpler life is and all the exploring they can do.

The Learner I’ve Become

Moments usually have impacts on a person’s life and tend to change them whether it is for the good or the bad. The 5 moments that have impacted me and made me the learner I am were; the teachers I have had along the way, the times I failed, the bullying I dealt with, the daycare job that I had, and the support system I have. All these moments and people have impacted my life and made me the learner I am today.

All throughout my years in school I have had some really great teachers. I have made mental notes about the things they do that I would like to do and some things that I found that weren’t that great. These teachers were great because they would spend extra time with me if I didn’t understand what they were teaching. These great teachers also made their lessons to reach everyone’s learning style and it helped the students to be the best learner they could be. These teachers were also very encouraging on days that were tough.

There was a semester in college when I was going through a rough time. During that semester I was taking classes that had no interest to me but I knew I needed to take them in order to continue to become a teacher. I would try in these classes but since I wasn’t interested I had troubles fully understanding what I needed to do in order to get a good grade. After this semester was over I had failed two classes and was very embarrassed about it. Once I saw my grades I made a promise to myself that no matter how uninterested I am in a class that I take I would also do my best to make time to meet with the teacher and talk about what I am doing and what needs to be done. So far I have kept that promise.

Another time that made me the learner I am now is the time when I was bullied. Like other students I was bullied from 4th grade – sophomore year in high school. I was bullied for many reasons. When I was bullied I would do poorly in school because I was so nervous constantly watching my back hoping that people weren’t making fun of me. I use to be a people pleaser. With this experience I have learned that I just have to stay true to who I am and not let what others think about me effect my life. Yes, I still care what others think but I don’t let it control my life.

I used to work at a daycare back at home and when I would take care of the children in my classroom they would teach me things about life that I thought I had already figured out. The children taught me how to live life simple, the taught me to laugh at the things that I could not control. The things I taught them about how to stand in line, how to tie their shoes, how to go down the slide the right way were minor to the impact they had on my life.

As a student I have always had to work my hardest at getting good grades in school. I would often times become tired of trying so hard when I would see my friends just wing everything and always come out with an A or a B. When I started college I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the degree I wanted. After a phone call with my mom about me wanting to give up and move home I have had the best support from my family. My family, my friends, and my fiancé have been with me every step of the way when it comes to my schooling. They always check in with me to see how I am doing and if I am super stressed they know exactly what to say to help me get in a more positive outlook.